Kohl's Cares: Committed to Kids' Health and Education

“Through our partnership with Children’s National Medical Center, Kohl’s hopes to improve the health of children and play an active role in communities throughout the Washington, D.C. area.”

- Patty Holliger, district sales manager for Kohl’s

Kohl's presents their check to Drs. Harris, Teach and White


In 2000, Kohl’s Department Stores introduced Kohl’s Cares® to support children’s health and education initiatives in the communities they serve.  In 2007, their support launched the Kohl’s Community Asthma Program at Children’s National, a community health, education, outreach and medical care initiative that enables families to better manage asthma and decrease their children’s asthma-related symptoms.  Since 2000, Kohl’s has given more than $4.5 million in support to Children’s National Medical Center.  For many children with chronic asthma, these symptoms often result in missed school days, time off from work for parents/caregivers who have to manage children’s sick days and ongoing emergency department utilization. 

Through broad outreach, including one-on-one and group educational sessions at clinics, schools, community venues and health fairs, newspaper ads and radio spots, the Kohl’s Community Asthma Program reaches families most at risk for poorly-controlled asthma, including those who routinely utilize emergency departments for care.  The program also offers high-risk families personalized and culturally sensitive clinic-based medical care focusing on effective use of controller medications and reduction of environmental triggers to reduce severe asthma symptoms.

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