Southwest Airlines: Share the Spirit

Since 2008, Southwest Airlines has provided support to the patients of Children’s National Medical Center through its Medical Transportation Grant Program.  During this time, Southwest Airlines has contributed $140,000 in airline tickets to Children's National. 

Southwest Airlines has a commitment to giving back to the community and understands how stressful illnesses can be for children and their families. As such, they work hard to ease some of that stress by providing complimentary, roundtrip airline tickets for families who need to travel to receive medical care. 

"When a patient suffers from a serious illness, there is the obvious physical toll that they must endure, but we realize there is often an emotional and financial toll that the entire family endures," said Debra Benton, Southwest Airlines Director of Community Relations and Giving. "That's why we're proud to partner with Children's National Medical Center to help ease the financial burden of many of it patients who must travel for medical care."   

Children's National and our patient families are truly thankful for the assistance and the difference it makes during such a difficult time. 

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