I'm fundraising to help raise money for family housing at Children's National

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We are raising funds to help families stay together while their child is undergoing treatment. Every dollar counts.

Thank you so much for supporting patient housing and Teens with Heartsongs.  At Children’s National, the Housing Program is funded 100% by philanthropy, and many families rely on the hospital to provide accommodations and cover any associated costs. On average, 300 families require housing annually at the cost of $400,000. 

“Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration wonderful things can be achieved.” Mattie Stepanek 

We decided to be the team leaders for the St. John’s team because of personal connections:

“Hi I’m Molly, and I am so excited to lead the St. John’s Teens with Heartsongs Team! I play lacrosse and field hockey at SJC. The reason I wanted to be part of the Teens with Heartsongs program is because of my background. I tore my ACL in November 2020. I was extremely sad and confused on what the future held for me. However, I soon discovered Mattie Stepanek’s story and the poems he wrote. These poems convey the message that everyone truly has a purpose in this world despite all limitations we are cast with. This showed me that this set back of tearing my ACL wasn’t going to keep me from achieving my dreams of playing lacrosse in college but it would make me stronger. Plus, I discovered other things that interested me during my time away from lacrosse which never would have found their way into my life if nothing ever happened. Thus, the combination of Mattie Stepanek’s poems and many hours spent doing physical therapy, I realized that it’s not what happens to you that matters but it’s how you react and respond to it.”

“Hi I’m Grace! I am a sophomore at St. John’s, I play lacrosse and field hockey. I am so excited to see what this year has in store for our team.  The reason I want to be a part of this program is that I have seen the impact it can have on people’s lives. A friend of mine from elementary school, Teddy, was in a horrible car accident in Savanah, Georgia during spring break in 2016. He was unconscious in critical care with multiple brain, skull, and body injuries. The doctors didn’t know if he was going to live. Teddys parents nowhere to stay for many months while he was in the hospital in Georgia and Virginia. A similar program helped them find housing close to the hospital. Teddy ended up being okay, after many months of care in the hospital, he survived. His mom and dad expressed how thankful they were that there was a program there to help them. They wouldn’t have been able to be with their son as frequently if it weren’t for the housing aid. I am so excited to work with and lead the St. John’s team this year!”

Thank you so munch for helping us reach out goal, 

The St. John’s Teen with HeartsongsTeam 

For more information, email info@teenswithheartsongs.org 



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Donations for St. Johns Teens with Heartsongs

  1. Ayco Company - $5,000.00
  2. Anonymous - $500.00
  3. Anonymous - $250.00
  4. Anna Nicholson - $250.00
  5. Shannon, Mullins & Wright LLP - $250.00
  6. Mr. Kevin Quinn - $250.00
  7. Jessica Bruner - $250.00
  8. Mrs. Micheal Morris - $250.00
  9. Elizabeth Docking - $200.00
  10. PAMELA JOHNSON - $200.00
  11. William Docking - $150.00
  12. Mr. Raymond Krouse - $150.00
  13. heather france - $150.00
  14. Sara Shannon - $100.00
  15. Nancy $ Jon Schneider - $100.00
  16. James Stanton - $100.00
  17. Anonymous - $100.00
  18. Anonymous - $75.00
  19. Sandra Willis - $50.00
  20. Antoinette Weston - $50.00
  21. Marisa Kish - $50.00
  22. Mia Wood - $50.00
  23. Ms. Kathy McAndrew - $50.00
  24. Dorothea Weston - $50.00
  25. Peggy Foster - $50.00
  26. Monica McGee - $50.00
  27. Ms. Julia Docking - $50.00
  28. Courtney Johnson - $50.00
  29. Kathy Dempsey - $50.00
  30. Anonymous - $35.00
  31. Michelle Ilagan - $35.00
  32. Ms. lisa Leventhal friedlander - $35.00
  33. Hilda Coward - $25.00
  34. Anonymous - $20.00
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