Race for Every Child: 150th Birthday Edition

Brainy Camps of Children's National

Brainy Camps of Children’s National has been provding residential summer camper for children and teens with chronic health conditions for the past 26 years. Having camp this past summer was one of the greatest challenges Brainy Camps has ever faced. The BC team had to be more creative than ever if we were to have a shot at providing a successful camp experience for the Brainy Camps kids. Every day seemed to bring new announcements, regulations and warnings from the CDC, the camp world and the Covid experts at Children’s National. Decisions were made, revised, then revised again. This changing landscape required that our camp families be as flexible as humanly possible. And dealing with Covid meant more expenses for Brainy Camps, including creating a Covid-safe camp environment and providing more scholarships than expected because so many of our families were financial victims of Covid.

With all that in mind, we are thrilled to let you know that we were able to provide a safe and successful camp experience for the Brainy Camps kids. Over 200 children attended in-person camp and another 25% attended our virtual camp, with a staff of 39 overseeing all our activities and fun, and a team of 23 medical experts providing our medical care.

Now we are asking you to become a part of the community of support for Brainy Camps during the 2021 Race for Every Child. Our goal is raise $25,000 so that we may continue to provide the much need social support to our families at Children’s National and beyond. We so appreciate your continued confidence in Brainy Camps and your willingness to support our mission, no matter what is happening in the world around us.

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