Patient Ambassadors

Photo of Owen

Owen spent more than three months at Children's National after a mild cold triggered an autoimmune attack to his brain and caused a very rare epilepsy syndrome called FIRES. Owen is looking forward to the Race and can’t wait to participate in his superhero cape!

Photo of Isabel smiling while holding a duckling

At age 4 Isabel was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma. Today she is an energetic 5-year-old who loves to go to school and play soccer. Her family celebrates Isabel’s every milestone and is grateful to Children’s National for making them possible.

Photo of Wes

Wes is an energetic 4-year-old who likes building complex Magna-Tile structures. While in the hospital for leukemia treatment, he participates in art therapy and loves to play with his care team.

Photo of Victoria smiling while holding a donut

Victoria arrived three months early and was diagnosed with a mild form of Cerebral Palsy as a toddler. She has undergone four orthopaedic procedures and physical therapy at Children’s National. Now 9, Victoria is thriving. She loves swimming and caring for her four dogs.

Photo of Ryan smiling while playing his guitar

Ryan was born prematurely with a devastating gastrointestinal condition. Expert care from Children’s National put him on the path to a bright future. Ryan, 7, hopes to become a surgeon or a nurse when he grows up to help kids just like him feel better.

Photo of Jocelyn

Jocelyn and her family celebrate the “double miracle” that Children’s National gave them: two lifesaving surgeries eight years apart to treat her congenital heart defect. Jocelyn can’t wait to participate in the Race again this year!

Photo of Quincy

Two-year-old Quincy loves watching Toy Story and playing with his favorite characters Forky and Rex. “We are grateful that the team at Children's National diagnosed Quincy's autism early," says mom Darcel. "Now he has access to interventions that will help him grow up stronger."

Photo of Luka smiling from his hospital bed

Lukas, 15, loves cats and playing video games. He suffers from a rare condition and receives care from our Hematology department. “The nurses and Child Life specialists are the most amazing people in the world,” says mom Sara. “We are so grateful.”

Photo of Anniyah

Anniyah loves her brothers, riding rollercoasters and dancing to music. As a patient with medical complexities, her family is very grateful for the ongoing care she receives at Children’s National.

Photo of Naoma

Naoma received lifesaving care after she was born with a complication that caused her to breathe in dangerous fluid. She is now a smiley, healthy toddler who loves to dance.

Photo of Avery

"Children's National is special to me because Dr. Chang and Dr. Bear helped me get better when I was sick,” says Avery. “I am excited to give Dr. Bear a hug at the Race!”

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