Race for Every Child 2023

Valvetastic Warriors

Welcome to the Home of the Valvetastic Warriors!! We'd LOVE for you to join our team!

My name is Brittany Bratcher. I am the creator/team Captain and mom to a wonderful boy (pictured above or right) who has undergone open heart surgery 3x at Children’s National to ultimately have his Aortic Valve replaced (hence the name "Valvetastic") with a St. Jude Mechanical Valve.

Dr. Richard Jonas, who's now retired, was the BRILLIANT artist that repaired my son, DJ's heart.

DJ underwent surgery at 6 weeks old, 10 months old, and 4 years old! He's now 14 years old and thriving, thanks to the truly gifted hands of the Surgical Cardiac and Cardiology team at Children's National! Our goal for the 2022 Race for every child 10th anniversary, is to get 20 ppl total to join our team for the race which signifies in total each number related to DJ when he underwent surgery (6+10+4).

We truly appreciate your support, please copy and share this link on your social media platforms, to reach other families and friends who may enjoy donating or racing for a great cause, the betterment of health for our children and the wonderful children of others.

Let's Go Children's National!

Thank you

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