Race for Every Child 2023

The Ophthalmology iTeam

Please help support Ophthalmology at Children’s National through your donation to our team!

All these donations will go into a fund set aside specifically for the ophthalmology department to insure that children's families who cannot afford patches, glasses, prescriptions and other therapies are able to afford these items in order to help them develop normal vision and create the all-important interconnectivity between the eye and the brain during the critical developmental stages when they are young. Aside from the stimulus a clear focused image provides for their brain development, there is of course all the other learning that occurs in childhood that requires the ability to see clearly.......whether reading, writing, arithmetic, or other areas.

There are so many families in our community who cannot afford a pair of glasses, a prescription medication, or some eye patches that are needed to insure good vision. Children's National does help to insure that all children, regardless of ability to pay, are able to receive a medical appointment with us but they cannot, without this fund, ensure that families who are challenged economically will receive the needed help for things such as glasses or medically necessary contact lenses after congenital cataract surgery or the eye drops needed for childhood glaucoma or serious eye infections. 

Last year Children's Ophthalmology cared for over 14,000 children, many of which came from economically disadvantaged circumstances in which a $250 pair of glasses from a community optician was a major investment for the family. Such expenses sometimes prove insurmountable without the support of this fund. It is not enough for us to write a prescription for the glasses, to recommend patching or surgery the children need, if they cannot afford it and return time and again with no improvement because they could not buy the needed glasses or other therapy not covered by insurance to help their child develop better vision.

Thank you for supporting us so we can better support all our children to reach their highest potential...in vision and in life.

Please let your friends and family know how they can help!

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