Race for Every Child 2023

Heme Teme

Welcome to our Race for Every Child 2023 team page!

Our team is passionate about supporting patients and families at Children's National Hospital (CNH). We are raising funds to directly support our patients and families with bleeding and clotting disorders. 

CNH is a hemophilia treatment center offering specialized services for patients with bleeding disorders and thrombosis. Depending on the inherited or acquired diagnosis, patients must make routine visits to ensure adequate treatment and maintenance of their diagnosis. As this patient population relies heavily on legal guardians to travel to their appointments, guardians must be able to take time from work or other tasks to commute and attend the visits.

 Pediatric patients with bleeding disorders may require around 54 visits from infancy to early adulthood, and patients who develop thrombosis are typically seen twice a year or as often as every three to six months. Patients with bleeding and clotting disorders may also require labs as frequently as every four weeks. 

Funds raised will be used to purchase gift cards for patients treated at CNH with bleeding and clotting disorders that need assistance commuting to their appointments. Marissa Zanno, our wonderful hemophilia and thrombosis social worker, will help identify patients and families in need.

Better access to care will ensure all patients are adequately treated for their bleeding and clotting disorders. Please register to join our team or donate to support our patient population! These efforts will allow children with bleeding and clotting disorders to receive the proper treatment they require. Your contributions will provide better opportunities for our patients and families who rely on CNH. Every dollar makes a difference!

Thank you for joining us to help children grow up stronger!

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