Race for Every Child 2023

Team Sully

Sully was 4 when he was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma. He fought hard for 4 1/2 years, experienced two relapses, and endured every treatment option available. Once in remission, he volunteered his time to pediatric cancer causes and supported other kids undergoing treatment by sharing his story, helping however he could. In his spare time, he decorated the hallways of 4 East during the holidays. He’s just that kind of kid!  


In April 2023, at 14 years old, Sully was diagnosed with angiosarcoma, a very rare and aggressive blood vessel cancer. This cancer was likely caused by the radiation he received when battling neuroblastoma. Sully has defied all odds and continues to fight. Many of you have asked how to help the Shields family, and this is a perfect way to show up for them - join Team Sully in support of the psychosocial program on 4 East. This team of child life specialists, art and music therapists, education specialists, and social workers care for the whole child during treatment. The services they provide are not covered by insurance companies. Yet, they are essential to providing families with the support, resources, and interventions to strengthen each family’s ability to cope with their child’s illness or medical needs. Sully wants to ensure all kids get the support they need during treatment. 


We hope you will join us at the Race!  #smilelikesully #choosejoy #showup

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