Race for Every Child 2023

Peyton's Promise

Welcome to our Team Peyton's Promise fundraising page for the 2023 Race for Every Child. Each year, my family and I fundraise in honor of my older sister, Peyton, who was a neurosurgery patient at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C..

In September of 2013, Peyton was unexpectedly diagnosed with a spontaneously ruptured arachnoid brain cyst, causing high intercranial pressure. While it can be somewhat common to be born with a cyst, it is extremely rare that they cause any problems. Over the course of several months, Peyton underwent seven invasive surgeries in attempt to drain fluid and reduce intercranial pressure, spending time in and out of the ICU and National Rehabilitation Hospital. 

We are forever grateful for the level of care Peyton recieved at Children's National Medical Center. While it is somewhere we hope you'll never have to visit, there are no other hands you would want to be in in that situation.

This year marks ten years since Peyton's time at Children's. It is because of the amazing neurosurgeons and nurses who took care of my sister that she is currently an ER nurse in South Carolina, embodying the role that made all the difference when she was on the other side of things. We appreciate all your support towards a cause so close to our hearts. 

 With love,

The Koberg Family

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