Race for Every Child 2023


Ella was a a typical 14 year old girl who loved her family and friends. She was extremely outgoing, funny, athletic, beautiful, courageous, intense,loyal, strong, loving girl. Mid March 2021 Ella began to experience headaches. They began to get much worse. On April 22, 2021 Ella had an MRI, we were told we needed to get to Childrens National Hospital right away. Surgery was scheduled 5 days later followed by a plan once we found out what we were dealing with. Ellas diagnosis was Medulloblastoma subtype SHH, MYCN amplified, TP53 one of the hardest brain tumors to treat. Ella had 30 rounds of radiation, 4 months of intense chemo. 

Once the chemo was completed she continued with oral chemo. Ella lost 80 pounds, developed neuropathy, drop foot, and intense sores in her mouth. Ella fought hard and never really complained. Ella would relapse June 16,2022 she had her second brain surgery followed by more radiation. Ella was doing pretty good. But Sept 1,2022 Ellas MRI results showed the cancer had spread throughout her brain and down her spine. We took Ella to Clemson to be the honorary captain of the football game on Sept 11,2022. She never made it to that game, she had to be airlifted back home to Children’s National. Where she would take her last breath on Sept. 15,2022. Our family will be forever heartbroken. All the Doctors and Nurses at Children’s were amazing and did everything they could for our sweet girl Ella.

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