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Eli's Team

Our child Eli passed away 11 years ago from brain cancer—if he were alive today, he would have just graduated from high school and started college.  We are always thinking about Eli and want to recognize this moment in time by bringing together family, friends and neighbors on Eli’s Team.  Through our fundraising, our team will help provide support to kids and families currently fighting brain cancer.

All money raised by our team will be directed to the neuro-oncology program at Children’s National Medical Center.  When Eli was diagnosed with medulloblastoma just short of his third birthday, the doctors, nurses, and support staff of Children’s National helped us beat back the cancer into remission.  They were by our side five years later when Eli had to battle cancer again, helping us with the best available medical options and the services to maintain Eli’s quality of life at home.  The doctors and nurses at CNMC prioritize research targeting new cures and excellent daily care for their patients.

Our team will also celebrate Eli’s spirit—his love of life, spontaneity, and creativity.  Eli was our strength throughout the battle with cancer, showing us how to “look to life” and share joy with each other.  Likewise, Eli inspires our family every day to keep our eyes on what is truly important during challenging times.  Please visit this team page from time to time for new posts of art and words from Eli or inspired by his spirit.

Thank you for your support.

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Eli's Team

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