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You’ve landed here on the BG Brave team fundraising page to benefit the 2023 Race for Every Child! 

Thanks to his amazing doctor's at Children's National, Brian is doing fantastic! Last year, was the first year Brian was able to physically run in the fun run.  He was also able to finish kindergarten, play an entire season of baseball & soccer, join the UMD baseball team, become a pilot for a day AND take his Wish Trip to Disney World! This would not have been possible without his amazing team of doctor's. He can't wait to do it again!

This year's race

We are so excited that this year's race will be in-person at Freedom Plaza in DC. We'd love for you to join our team in-person or virtually! If you’d like to join the team – register as a participant and join team BG Brave. Since it's about the kids, we plan to do the kids dash. Make sure to register the whole family.

If you can't join us on the big day but you'd still like to support our team, that’s great too! Just hit the big Donate button in the upper right-hand corner. Every dollar makes a difference!

Last year, I discovered that the biggest impact is when YOU share this link with family and friends. Please consider sharing the link in at least one way (social media, email, distribution list, snail mail, text, any way you'd like)

Children's has been an integral part of our family's life for the past two and a half years and will continue to be in the future. We are thrilled to have your support in giving back to Children's. Thank you for joining us in our journey!

For the past three years, we participated virtually and were able to raise over $25,000. We are BLOWN away by this. The truly amazing part is that our neuro-oncologist consulted us to choose specifically how to use this money. Since Brian's tumor type is so rare and unknown, we chose for donations to be made to directly support the research of pediatric brain tumors. It’s incredible that we can directly support such important research that will hopefully lead to more pediatric brain tumor cures in the future.

Read on to hear more about Brian's story. 


Nora, Sloane & the Brian's

Brian’s story

In January 2020, the doctors at Children's discovered that Brian had a brain tumor. Days later an extraordinary neurosurgeon successfully removed Brian's tumor. However, due to the uncertain nature of the tumor, Brian received treatment to ensure the tumor does not grow back. With the help of the doctors, nurses, child life specialists and support staff at Children's, Brian completed six intensive rounds of chemotherapy, 33 rounds of proton radiation and countless blood/platelet transfusions. He went on to receive less intensive chemo at home for about one year. 

After treatment, we noticed he was continuing to lose function on the left-side of his body, similar to when we first discovered his tumor. He was diagnosed with radiation necrosis. Essentially, he had severe swelling in his brain which caused nerve damage as a result of the treatment he received. We tried steroids and more chemo meds to combat the swelling. All was unsuccessful, so in September 2021, he went through 60 treatments in the hyperbaric chamber. 

After finishing the chamber, the brain damage progressed and caused further atrophy to the left side of his body. He lost the ability to walk more than a few steps. Through the help of his incredible rehab doctor, Dr. Shin, he was able to complete a 6-week intensive occupational, physical and speech therapy program where he relearned how to walk. Dr. Shin has spent countless hours researching new devices, therapies and even surgery to ensure Brian is progressing every day. 

In addition to the doctors and surgeons we've worked with, the nurses, child life specialists, rehab therapists, and support staff at the hospital have made Brian's experience a positive one. Brian actually enjoys going to the hospital. Thanks to all of the resources Children's has provided, Brian has kept laughing and smiling throughout this experience. We are grateful for these individuals and the services they provide.

Since we've spent countless days, nights, holidays and milestones in the hospital, we are fortunate that it is such a warm and loving place for Brian. As a parent of a child battling cancer, it's very eye opening how valuable these resources are and how important it is that they continue.

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