Support the Paint Branch High School Chapter of TEENSWITHHEARTSONGS!

Support Paint Branch!

Thank you so much for supporting patient housing and Teens with Heartsongs. At Children’s National, the Housing Program is funded 100% by philanthropy, and many families rely on the hospital to provide accommodations and cover any associated costs. On average, 300 families require housing annually at the cost of $400,000. 

We are a group of teen leaders, and our goal and mission are simple…compassion! 
We hope to alleviate the burden of housing on families with a child undergoing treatment at Children's National. Where and how parents will manage to stay near their child undergoing treatment should never be one of their top concerns. Through our fundraising efforts, we want families to feel cared for and supported, as well as give them the ability to focus solely on what really matters, the care and the recovery of their child. 
We hope you can help support our cause by donating today!


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Donations for Paint Branch High School

  1. Food Truck Fundraiser - $216.90
  2. Fatoumata Barry - $50.00
  3. Samantha Millman - $50.00
  4. Paint Branch High School - $35.00
  5. Mr. Margaret Bonham - $35.00
  6. Ms. Lisa Leventhal Friedlander - $35.00
  7. Mamadou Alpha Barry - $30.00
  8. Crystal Okanume - $20.00
  9. Angelina Okanume - $15.00
  10. Stephen Okanume - $10.00
  11. Amy brewer - $10.00
  12. Katie Hood - $10.00
  13. Sherman Ellegood - $5.00
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