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We are a group of students from Clarksburg High School who joined together to help support families in need of housing when visiting Children's National Hospital with their children who are receiving care. 

At Children's National Hospital, the housing program is funded 100% by philanthropy, and many families rely on the hospital to provide accommodations and cover any associated costs. On average, 300 families require housing annually at the cost of $400,00. Our team is eager to help in supporting the hospital that has significantly aided many in our area.

Our team is eager to offer a helping hand to struggling families and ensure the only thing on their minds is their child's recovery.

Thank you so much for helping us reach our goal!
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Donations for Clarksburg High School

  1. Jeanine Hurley - $50.00
  2. Ms. Lynn Anderson - $35.00
  3. Ms. Lisa Leventhal Friedlander - $35.00
  4. Rachel Clements - $25.00
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