• Spread The Word Via Social Media

    How many friends do you have on Facebook? Or Twitter? How many friends do they have? Your social network is a quick way to reach thousands of potential champions for children. Tell them why you've decided to help, and give them links to donate to you.

  • Invite Friends And Family To Participate

    Why work alone when you can have others help you and together you can do even more to help comfort and heal children? Invite your friends and family not just to donate to you, but to actively help you raise badly needed funds.

  • Have A Collection/Door Donation At Your Event

    Having an event? Great! Ask for donations at the door, or have a donations jar set out at your party. Be sure to let your guests know how their donations are being put to good use for kids right here in our area. You can also share some of our stories to help your guests see just how important their gifts are.

  • Send An Evite And Include A Link To Your Page

    Sometimes, the best methods are the simplest. Don't forget to email all of your contacts a link to your page and ask them to donate. No one will know about your page if you don’t tell them.